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Fully customize how you manage your digital assets, with the option to require multiple signatures to confirm transactions.


The Safe Multisig is the only formally verified and audited smart contract wallet. Learn more about how we put best practices in security first.

Address Book

Save counterparty addresses to make sending transactions even easier.


Use your favorite wallet to sign transactions. No matter if it’s a mobile wallet, browser extension, or hardware wallet.


You are fully in charge of your digital assets. As a self-sovereign wallet solution, no one is able to access or freeze any of your funds.


Information, such as owner names, is only stored locally. This means that Gnosis or any third-party can never access your private data.

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The Pepo team decided to build on the Gnosis Safe stack because of its modularity, flexibility, and security, allowing Pepo to take advantage of session keys, multi-device management, and account recovery — granting our users peace of mind while using a new social network.

Jason Goldberg, Founder & CEO, Pepo/OST

We use the Gnosis Safe Multisig to manage EthHub's funds and love it. The track record of Gnosis and their commitment to security is what led us to it. It gives us peace of mind while running our crypto business

Eric Conner, EthHub / Into The Ether Podcast

From October 2018 to February 2019, we were engaged in the formal verification of the Gnosis Safe smart contract. We loved working with Gnosis developers, and we’re very impressed by their commitment to security in general, and formal verification in particular.

Runtime Verification

The Gnosis Safe Multisig is the clear leader when it comes to a product that balances usability, security, and self-custody. The longevity of their smart contracts is evidence of the Gnosis team’s comprehensive dedication to security, which is the most important thing when choosing a place to store your crypto assets. It cannot be matched

Taylor Monahan, Founder & CEO, MyCrypto

The old Gnosis Multisig is a strong technology that lacked fluidity, while the new Gnosis Safe Multisig is easy, modern and strong. The team behind Gnosis is great technically, inspires confidence and is composed of persons that we trust. We're making the transition to the Safe Multisig over the next few months.

Christophe Lassuyt, Co-Founder & CFO, Request Network

Protofire has been using the Gnosis Multisig wallet for years. We recently migrated to the new Gnosis Safe Multisig which has become our single interface for internal and external crypto-financial activities. As Protofire provides professional services exclusively to companies in the crypto space, most of our income arrives to the Safe Mulltisig. That's how important the Gnosis Safe Multisig is to us and how much we trust the technology and the team behind its development.

Manuel Garcia, CEO, Protofire

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