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We provide you with the building blocks to build great applications that delight users. Whether it is account- & gas-abstraction, secure digital asset storage or a platform to build apps right into the user’s wallet.

Projects building on Gnosis Safe

Smart Contracts

The smart contracts enable developers to make interactions with decentralized protocols more user-friendly, enabling features such as batched transactions, recovery mechanisms, and gas abstraction.

Contract Proxy Kit

The Contract Proxy Kit (CPK) lets your users benefit from a smart contract account that is tied to their regular wallet. Use this plug-and-play solution to deploy a smart contract account under the hood for every one of your users and build a better experience.


The Safe Command Line Interface allows experienced users and developers to perform operations and query data right from the console.

With over $1B worth of digital assets held in Gnosis Multisigs alone, it’s essential for the dapp ecosystem to access this untapped market.

Safe Apps introduce a completely new way for developers to build their dapps right into a Multisig interface.

Turn your Dapp into an HTML iframe component that can be accessed through the Safe Multisig.

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